This pendant is made from a piece of recyled sterling silver (Eco Silver), which has been heated up until the surface bubbles, then cooled down to create a texture - a process known as reticulation. It is curved to represent the shape of a wave. The silver wire spiral has been soldered to the piece to help create the impression of the wave breaking. It hangs on a piece of blue hand dyed silk cord. It has been photographed on the top of the stone gatepost in my front garden. It is 3.2cm long and 1.9cm wide at its widest point.

Silver Spiral Wave Pendant

SKU: 0005
  • The hand dyed silk cord on this item is 16" long and has sterling silver fittings. It is quite delicate and will wear out over time. If you prefer this item on a chain, then please message via the website and I will arrange this for you. Claire x