Cubic Zirconia is the ethical choice if you want to wear something super sparkly. These brilliant white CZ's are clasped in a sterling silver setting, with sterling silver ear posts and scroll backs. They are one of the most popular pairs of ear studs I make, as they are inexpensive to buy but look fabulous! The stones are 5mm in size and these studs are really comfortable to wear. Posted out to you inside a silver coloured card box to ensure the ear posts do not get bent.  This pair have been photographed on Sumac - look almost like a small creature's eyes!

Cubic Zirconia studs

SKU: 0009
  • If you want a super sparkly stone, cubic zirconia is an ethical choice compared to diamonds, which are mined and made from carbon. It is grown in a lab using zirconium oxide, making it sustainable, ethical and conflict-free. It is also much less expensive to buy but looks fabulous.