Missing the sea? Sea glass jewellery to comfort you until your next time on the beach.

Are you longing to get away to the coast? I am pretty landlocked here in Malvern and like most of you, only get to see the sea a few times a year on holiday.

Whenever I am on a beach, I always find myself searching for beautiful pebbles and if I am lucky enough to find it, sea glass.

Sea glass is not just beautiful but also mysterious, with a secret history we can only guess at. It may have been in the sea for decades, tumbled by the waves until smooth. The frosted appearance it caused by minerals in the sea water reacting with the soda and lime that was used in the glass making process. It can take on average, 20 to 30 years for this frosted surface to form.

So, each piece is not only a unique shape and size but will have its own story. This is probably what I love most about it. Green sea glass tends to be from wine bottles. Who threw that bottle into the sea? Was it tossed overboard from a luxury yatch after a decadent dinner party or slipped into the water by a ship returning from a long voyage. How many years has it been in the sea, being tumbled by the waves? Did someone put a message in it and float in on the surface, hoping it would be found on a foreign shore? We can only imagine but that is the best part!

There are many shades - here are the origins of some of the most well known.

White sea glass, can be from many sources from glasses to windows. Brown is mostly from beer bottles! Blue is much rarer and is usually from old medicine bottles. Red is very rare because traditionally particles of gold were used to create this colour, making it very expensive to manufacture - you are truly lucky to find it.

Sea glass looks fabulous when combined with silver, either wire wrapped to keep its frosty look or set against a silver background, making the colour shine brightly, as the light reflects through the glass and back out again.

It makes such a magical piece of jewellery, especially for those of us who have a special place in our hearts for the sea.

If you are lucky enough to find a piece on your next holiday, why not have it made into a piece of jewellery that you can wear to remind you of that special time?

After having lived through the pandemic, our holidays have become more precious than ever. Having something tangible to connect us with a special place is so comforting in difficult times. Keep your eyes open for a piece of sea glass next time you are on the beach. I wonder what story it will have to tell ........

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